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About Accolade

Balance sheet management is our business.

Accolade, founded in 2007, is a wholly owned credit union service organization (CUSO) of Corporate One Federal Credit Union, offering guidance and support through our Asset Liability Management (ALM), Investment and Strategic & Loan Advisories to credit unions nationwide. Leveraging our core competencies in these areas, Accolade helps credit unions with varying balance sheet complexities optimize their financial performance while mitigating and managing any associated risks. Our services are turnkey and competitive with our expert team serving as an extension of your credit union’s staff.

We have four key service areas that are designed to assist credit unions with effectively managing their balance sheets.

ALM Advisory

ALM iconAccolade ALM Advisory assists credit unions in developing sound ALM programs that help them to maximize their financial performance while managing IRR. Our IRR Analysis, Model Validation and CUAnalytics services offer credit unions guidance on their Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) process and provide credit unions with model review and/or independent model validation of their ALM programs.

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Investment Advisory

IA iconAccolade Investment Advisory works as a credit union’s personal financial planner, with no minimum requirements on portfolio size. Our unbiased investment advisor representatives provide credit unions with strategic investment guidance based on their respective balance sheets and risk tolerance levels, helping them maximize income from their investment portfolios, while managing their risk levels. Best of all, our Investment Advisory is comprehensive, performing all related policy development, portfolio management, bond accounting and security safekeeping as well as regulatory and board reporting that goes along with investment portfolio maintenance.

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Strategic Advisory

SV iconAccolade Strategic Advisory focuses on leveraging the extensive experience in risk management of Accolade’s staff to assist credit unions. Our Strategic Advisory offers advisory work for credit unions looking to develop, strengthen and/or refine their institution’s strategic plan. We work one-on-one with credit unions and their boards on customized solutions so they can meet their specific needs and achieve their desired goals.

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Loan Advisory

LA iconAccolade’s Loan Advisory goes beyond reporting and takes loan-portfolio management to the next level. From board-level reporting with historical charts, to stratified reports by practically any data point, down to loan-level detail, we have you covered. Store and report on historical data points, such as credit score or valuation migration. This is just the beginning; we then move to full loan-level analytics that calculate the probability of default and loss severity for each loan based on the characteristics of each loan, borrower, and collateral. Our forward-looking loan analysis product helps provide full transparency into your loan portfolio.

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