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Answers to commonly asked questions.

Some questions we hear every time we meet a new client – What is an RIA? Can you help me with the regulators? What makes you different than the other advisors? The answers to all these questions (and more) are below. If you have a question and don’t see it answered here, you can contact us for a prompt response.

We serve more than 50 credit unions across the nation.

Accolade offers guidance and support through our Asset Liability Management (ALM), Investment, Strategic & Loan Advisories to credit unions nationwide. Leveraging our core competencies in these areas, Accolade helps credit unions with varying balance sheet complexities optimize their financial performance, while mitigating and managing any associated risks. Our services are turnkey and competitive, with our expert team serving as an extension of your credit union’s staff. Learn more about how we can help your credit union by visiting our Services page(s).

Yes. Through our Strategic Advisory, Accolade can assist credit unions in strategic planning, and much more. Each engagement is personal and consultative; designed explicitly to meet a credit union’s specific risk management need(s). Please visit our Strategic Advisory services page for additional details. You’re also always welcome to contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Yes. Accolade offers three tiers of model validation services, depending on the level of validation needed. We provide everything from a governance review to a model review to an independent model validation. Please visit our ALM Advisory services page for additional details.

We provide investment advisory services for more than $1 billion investments and model more than $6 billion in assets on our ALM platform as of February 28, 2020.