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Small Credit Unions

Serving credit unions under $50 million in assets

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The majority of NCUA interest rate risk (IRR) regulation does not focus on credit unions with $50 million in assets or less. However, just because the NCUA’s regulation doesn’t focus on smaller credit unions, doesn’t mean that effectively managing IRR isn’t a concern for these credit unions. After all, not managing IRR could lead to an organizational failure, as evidenced by some recent mergers and in the S&L crisis of the 1980s.

At Accolade we believe IRR management is critical regardless of the size of the institution. Credit unions with less than $50 million in assets are the grassroots backbone of our industry, fulfilling the mission of our cooperative industry by serving the underserved. It’s important to our industry that small credit unions remain solvent, and it’s important to Accolade.

We understand personnel at many of these credit unions wear several “hats” and juggle many important responsibilities. So, don’t let managing an IRR process deter you from starting one at your credit union, or stop you from maintaining your current program. Allow Accolade to help.

How does it work?

Leveraging the expertise in our ALM Advisory, we will work as an extension of your staff to ensure you are effectively mitigating your risk. We provide more than an IRR model, we provide the knowledge and expertise to help your understand the results and apply them.

With no complex software to purchase or learn, you can focus on running your credit union and let us run the risk modeling.

Have further questions about Accolade’s services for small credit unions? Read our FAQs. Or contact us to get started today.

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