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Market Commentary

June 2018

Quarter Ends With Flatter Yield Curve

Yields ended the quarter by drifting lower yet again this week on the back of further trade tensions, weakness in overseas equity markets, and a spike in oil prices...

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Lower Bond Yields Amid a Quiet Market

Treasury yields drifted lower this week, as a relatively light economic calendar left markets reliant on the political back and forth regarding tariffs to provide some direction...

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Yields Mixed after FOMC Meeting, Tariffs

Yields ended the week mixed, as the long end of the curve declined slightly while the short end of the curve was pushed higher following Wednesday's FOMC meeting...

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Equities, International Pressures Push Yields Higher

US fixed income markets were much less volatile this week, as yields pushed slightly higher by weeks' end...

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May Jobs Gain Brings Close to a Volatile Week

The Treasury yield curve ended only slightly changed after a volatile week...

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