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Strategic Advisory

Customized. Consultative. Actionable.

icon - Strategic AdvisoryAccolade Strategic Advisory focuses on leveraging the extensive risk-management experience of Accolade’s staff to assist credit unions. Our Strategic Advisory offers consultancy work for credit unions looking to develop, strengthen and/or refine their institution’s strategic plan. We work one-on-one with credit unions and their boards on customized solutions so they can meet specific needs and achieve desired goals.

Success starts with having a sound strategic plan and clearly defined goals supported by action plans that enable you to meet those goals. Accolade’s management team utilizes its extensive years of credit union experience to assist management in developing a strategic plan for your credit union. This arm of Accolade’s Advisory Services is personal and consultative, designed explicitly to meet a credit union’s specific risk management need(s).

Each engagement is customizable. However, we start with assessing your credit union’s mission statement. Who you are should drive what you do. This determines the long-term goals for your credit union. We will help develop not only the goals but also the action plans, milestones and success metrics necessary to accomplish them. We are also available to assist in the preparation and presentation of the final plan to the board. Once the plan is approved, we can also assist with implementation by conducting risk assessments of the strategic goals.

Accolade Asset/Liability Advisory Services will assign a senior executive to lead each engagement, as well as any additional staff required. For risk assessments, Accolade will provide a senior risk manager and a senior risk analyst.

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