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Who We Are

Strengthening credit unions with financial advice and tools

Accolade is an adviser that understands the unique needs of credit unions and their leaders. We have provided investment advisory, IRR analysis, and loan analytics to credit unions since our founding in 2007. With credit union leaders and staff juggling so many responsibilities, it became clear that our solutions needed to save time as much as they needed to provide insight and results. Today, our services are designed to minimize your busy-work as they help to optimize your financial performance and mitigate risk.


Registered Investment Adviser

Accolade Investment Advisory, LLC is a registered investment adviser and maintains a fiduciary obligation to our credit union clients. We are not a broker, but rather offer full-service advisory while you maintain ownership of the portfolio.

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Asset and Liability Management

Our low-cost ALM solution translates your call report and AIRES files into meaningful reports for your ALCO and examiners, with our experienced staff just a phone call or email away.

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Loan Analytics

We offer options of a detailed risk-reporting workbook or a simplified web portal, both of which can help your credit union with ALLL and CECL calculations.

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corporate one federal credit union

Part of the Corporate One Family

Accolade Advisory is a wholly-owned CUSO of Corporate One Federal Credit Union. 

Corporate One Federal Credit Union has been leading the way in providing premier investment, funding, and payment solutions for America's credit unions for more than 70 years. In addition to helping member credit unions grow their bottom line and manage cash effectively, Corporate One is enabling access to the industry’s new payment rails and creating opportunities for credit unions to take advantage of real-time payments.