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Investment Advisory

Strategic portfolio management. Unbiased partnership. Peace of mind.

IA iconEffectively managing your credit union investment portfolio can be a complex and demanding job. A job made even more demanding with increased regulatory pressures and the challenging rate environment. Accolade Investment Advisory can provide relief of such demands by leveraging our experience on your behalf to deftly navigate the market and help you optimize your portfolio performance. Our business isn’t just about investment advising, it’s also about helping credit unions gain confidence from knowing they are doing all they can to successfully manage their credit union’s investment portfolio.

Accolade Investment Advisory works as your credit union’s personal financial planner, with no minimum requirements on portfolio size. Our experienced investment advisors will provide your credit union strategic investment guidance based on your balance sheet and risk tolerance to help you maximize income from your investment portfolio, while managing your credit union’s risk levels. Best of all, our Investment Advisory is comprehensive, performing all related policy development, portfolio management, bond accounting and security safekeeping as well as regulatory and board reporting.

How does it work?

Accolade Investment Advisory will work with your credit union’s management team to understand your balance sheet objectives and constraints, recommending revisions to your investment policy, if necessary. We’ll use this information to identify investment strategies and solutions to help you achieve your goals while maintaining a risk exposure that works for your credit union and its board. Pre-purchase recommendations (incorporating all NCUA-required and recommended elements) will be submitted for your review on the appropriate securities for your credit union. Upon approval, Accolade will execute any trades (ensuring best execution), prepare and submit paperwork for security safekeeping and perform the investment accounting for all securities. We continuously monitor all portfolios and provide monthly performance review reports, quarterly strategy updates and annual broker reviews.

Accolade strives to provide a full-service Investment Advisory solution to each credit union; however, the ownership of the portfolio remains with the credit union’s management and board. With this in mind, we continually seek to provide education as needed so that management can fully explain portfolio holdings and strategy to all interested parties.

With Accolade Investment Advisory, your credit union can:

  • Strategically develop and easily maintain its investment portfolio
  • Take advantage of a wide network of institutional broker-dealers to source the best available securities at the best available pricing
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of our credit union investment professionals for the benefit of your credit union

Have further questions about Accolade’s Investment Advisory? Read our FAQs. Or contact us to get started today.

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