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2021 Economic Outlook

As part of our commitment to provide the credit union community with high quality research economic research and commentary, at the link below you'll find Accolade's 2021 economic outlook. We cover expectations for the economy, interest rates, and some investment strategies to consider as we head into next year. Read more...


Why Investment Agility Matters

June 2020 - Learn how agility across asset classes might help your credit union find realize more relative value opportunities...Read more

Smoothing Investment Yield Through Duration

July 2020 - Is it better to have a portfolio that reprices fast or a slow and steady one? Sign up for the series

Benefiting from Market Transparency

Coming August 2020 - Sign up for the series

Maintaining Profitability in a Zero-Bound Rate Environment

April 2020 - Credit union leaders must focus on the strategic levers they have available to drive profitability: operational, funding, liquidity, credit, interest rate risk and leverage...Read more

The Future of Floating Rates

October 2019 - Preparing for a transition away from LIBOR as the basis for investments and loans...Read more

More on The Future of Floating Rates

July 2020 - Timelines and playbooks recently released by the GSEs provide some clarity on the inevitable LIBOR transition and offer a clear path for credit unions when navigating the future of floating rates...Read more


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