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Why Investment Agility Matters

June 2020 - Learn how agility across asset classes might help your credit union find realize more relative value opportunities...Read more

Smoothing Investment Yield Through Duration

July 2020 - Is it better to have a portfolio that reprices fast or a slow and steady one? Sign up for the series

Benefiting from Market Transparency

Coming August 2020 - Sign up for the series

Maintaining Profitability in a Zero-Bound Rate Environment

April 2020 - Credit union leaders must focus on the strategic levers they have available to drive profitability: operational, funding, liquidity, credit, interest rate risk and leverage...Read more

The Future of Floating Rates

October 2019 - Preparing for a transition away from LIBOR as the basis for investments and loans...Read more

More on The Future of Floating Rates

July 2020 - Timelines and playbooks recently released by the GSEs provide some clarity on the inevitable LIBOR transition and offer a clear path for credit unions when navigating the future of floating rates...Read more


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