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Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey: Insights for Credit Unions

Credit unions need to understand current and expected lending and credit risk trends in order to assess their pricing, terms, and underwriting standards. The Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey analyzes standards, demand, and terms among 84 banks, identifying a baseline for the banking industry as a whole.

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Auto Lending Trends 2023

Accolade has compiled some data around auto lending trends that may help provide context for setting asset allocation in 2023. While many of the data trends we’re seeing are troubling for auto lenders, we are likely still in the normalization phase from the incredibly low levels of credit issues that we saw through the pandemic period.

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What’s new with CU Clarity, our CECL Warm Solution – Q1 2022 Release

High Level Release Notes

  • TDR & Impaired screen has changed to Specific Reserves, to adjust for FASB changes to TDR Requirements. Read more below....
  • A new feature to calculate weighted average remaining maturity values for each loan pool based off your loan-level information, creating a CECL reserve precise to your credit union. Read more...
  • Verbiage improvements throughout the application, based off user feedback, to promote better understanding and use of the product.
  • CU Clarity will be undergoing a name change to Accolade Analytics to better represent the future vision of the product. You will see this name change happening slowly, but this will not impact how you use the tool.

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TDR Requirements Eliminated for CECL Adopters

A CUNA-supported proposal to eliminate the TDR requirements should lower the overall complexity of managing and reporting credit union loan portfolios

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The CECL Journey: Steps to Meeting the New Standard

 Not sure where to start with CECL? Accolade has prepared a timeline to help you breakdown the daunting task into easy to follow quarterly milestones.

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CECL: It’s still coming… How to find your CECL solution

Despite COVID, the economic crisis and several attempts to have CECL delayed further, CECL will still be effective for credit unions on Jan. 1, 2023. That seems a long way off, and you might be tempted to ignore CECL for the time being. However, many institutions that are already required to comply have stated they wish they had started the process earlier. Many would argue that the economic crisis and the potential for increased charge offs make CECL more relevant than before.

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Pool determination

One important but often overlooked aspect of an ALLL calculation is what loans should be grouped together to determine your loan loss calculation. This is called “pool determination.”

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