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Liquidity Crunch: Ideas to Stay Afloat

Now that we find ourselves in a more attractive rate environment credit unions have a golden opportunity to improve net interest margins and loan-to-share ratios – if only they had the liquidity to support it. This article offers ideas to help your credit union meet liquidity targets. 

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Bond Meltdown Offers Highest Investment Rates in 15 Years

Over the last nine months we have seen the biggest yield curve shock in over twenty years. After the CPI print for May came in at a higher than expected 8.6% year-over-year rate, the yield curve has rocketed even higher and we are seeing red across virtually all bond prices.

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Understanding the Unrealized Loss on Available-for-sale Securities

Unrealized losses are accumulating to very high levels for a few reasons: 1) Interest rates moved up a lot in the last year, causing market values on current investments to plummet, 2) investment portfolios are a larger portion of overall assets than normal, and 3) there is a broad precedent to hold most CU investments as AFS in the industry. Why?

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What’s new with CU Clarity, our CECL Warm Solution – Q1 2022 Release

High Level Release Notes

  • TDR & Impaired screen has changed to Specific Reserves, to adjust for FASB changes to TDR Requirements. Read more below....
  • A new feature to calculate weighted average remaining maturity values for each loan pool based off your loan-level information, creating a CECL reserve precise to your credit union. Read more...
  • Verbiage improvements throughout the application, based off user feedback, to promote better understanding and use of the product.
  • CU Clarity will be undergoing a name change to Accolade Analytics to better represent the future vision of the product. You will see this name change happening slowly, but this will not impact how you use the tool.

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Stabilize Investment Income with Strategy

Investment strategy can be intimidating when rates are moving. Credit Unions are not compensated to speculate on interest rate moves, nor can anyone perfectly time the market. A sound investment strategy should be part of a wholistic balance sheet strategy that ensures stable income regardless of the rate environment.

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TDR Requirements Eliminated for CECL Adopters

A CUNA-supported proposal to eliminate the TDR requirements should lower the overall complexity of managing and reporting credit union loan portfolios

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The CECL Journey: Steps to Meeting the New Standard

 Not sure where to start with CECL? Accolade has prepared a timeline to help you breakdown the daunting task into easy to follow quarterly milestones.

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Impact of Borrower Defaults on Agency MBS

Default Risk is Transformed into Prepayment Risk for Agency MBS Investors

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Federal Reserve December Meeting

FOMC members announced two important changes to their forward guidance.

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The Hidden Interest Rate Risk in Your Balance Sheet

ALM modeling helps to understand the impacts of different interest rate environments on profitability and capital. While consistent and careful review of these reports is critical to strategy, it is doubly so when interest rate moves are anticipated.

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